As I’ve said it in the past, marketing is really hard! It will be one of the toughest components you need to invest in for your business.

We all struggle with ways to connect with our target audience. You’ve tried newspaper ads, billboards, radio and even social media. But you might not be getting the traction you desire.

Workshops were born

Then the interwebz came along and introduced us to meetups and events. Wonderful applications like Eventbrite and opened up a whole new way to connect. Connect with like minded individuals and importantly, target audiences.

You may not know this but conducting a workshop/seminar/educational event is a perfect way to connect to your preferred target audience. Think about it, you set the terms! You decide who you want in the room. Want moms? Dads? Teachers? Restaurant owners? Home builders? There is no limit to who you can connect with. Trust me when I say, these people, all people, are looking to expand their knowledge.

If you have something valuable to share that will enhance their wellbeing or help them make money, save money or inspire them, people will come!

Workshop Challenge

I have a challenge for you, come up with an idea for a workshop/seminar/educational event. Pick something you have knowledge in and are very comfortable talking about.

Then set up a date and time to host this. Don’t be afraid to charge for it. If you think this is worth $100, then charge it. Not sure how to price it? Ask your target audience how much they would pay to listen to what you have to say.

Lastly, the most dreaded part…market it. Eventbrite and Meetup do a good job of marketing for you but you may want to blanket your area as well. Social media that includes hashtags for your area/city, have friends and family share it. Talk to your target audience and let them know about your event. Facebook ads can work as well.

There’s one component to a workshop that is very important.

Now the ultimate perk of hosting an event/workshop. You now have their names, numbers and email addresses. 1 hour of your time can get you a dozen or more leads! That is way more cost effective than running google ads.

Think about it, you can now upsell them, add them to your newsletter list, or keep in touch for future opportunities. The point is, your target audience is right there for you to grasp.

Give it a try.

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