Winterfell Winner

It’s easy to find branding tactics everywhere you look. TV included. If you know the HBO show Game of Thrones, you can pick up on this lesson of Branding from the family Stark.

In the season finale, as Jon Snow and his half sister Sansa gathered around in the great hall eating a meal with other houses, a conversation broke out about alliances. One house spoke that they cannot help the Stark’s anymore because a Bastard Son is not worthy. Another house spoke the same.

But then another house leader spoke out and made people remember the Stark’s in a different light. That they were a loyal house, honest people with unwavering values that spanned a thousand years. The other houses were told to remember that their loyalty to Starck had survived a 1000 years because of that consistency.

Soon the other houses realized their wrong doing and they advocated for the Stark’s once again.

The Stark’s did something right. They remained authentic. Even in times when most of the family had been wiped out, they always remained true to their authenticity. Never steering away.

You may not see the fruits of your branding right away.

Be persistent. Be patient. Be consistent. Be true to yourself. Eventually, you will start seeing the results from your customers and employees.

No matter what, you should be authentic. The best and worst of times in your business will show your authenticity the most. Even in the moments when you say nothing.

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