While I watched the movie The Founder, I caught myself, many times, smiling pervertedly. Giggling like a school girl. Staring in astonishment as the story unfolded. I was pointing to the TV and saying “f-ing genius!”

As creepy as it may have looked to others, this movie was inspiring.

The best part was the end of the movie where Ray Kroc was rehearsing a speech:

“Now, I know what you’re thinkin’. How the hell does a 52 year old, over-the-hill milkshake machine salesman… build a fast food empire with 16,000 restaurants, in 50 states, in 5 foreign countries… with an annual revenue of in the neighborhood of $700 million dollars… One word… PERSISTENCE. Nothing in this world can take the place of good old persistence. Talent won’t. Nothing’s more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius won’t. Unrecognized genius is practically a cliché. Education won’t. Why the world is full of educated fools. Persistence and determination alone are all powerful.”

This was a gut wrenching, chill induced moment because it is true.

People have said that Ray Kroc is an a-hole. What he did to the McDonald Brothers was evil. How he conducted business was wrong. I disagree.

Here’s the problem with that thinking. If you wander through life with a narrow perspective and small minded thoughts, those qualities don’t bring about success. It limits you. It creates complacency.

Ray Kroc saw a much bigger picture that the two brothers refused to see. Ray tried to get them to take the blinders off but they refused. What ends up happening is that they got crushed. Ray’s persistence, hard work, determination and belief steamed rolled over them. An empire was built.

Success is built on persistence. Persistence requires you to forge your own path. It requires you to face off against adversity. Sometimes you have to get dirty.

Do you have to be the bad guy sometimes? Sure.
Will there be people who hate you while you move forward? Of course.
Do they matter? Hell no.

If there is something you truly want in life, a belief so strong that you feel it deep within your soul… Go get it! Be persistent. Tell others to get the hell out of your way. If they don’t move aside, walk through them.

Success doesn’t happen without persistence.

Out work them and you will win.

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