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I just wanted to say a quick “thank you” for coming to Gran MacEwan class, where I teach business to the acupuncture students. I asked you to teach them real life branding methods and we got much more than we bargained for!

I especially loved your fantastic slide presentation. The first couple of slides where you showed us so clearly how perception can affect your business were extremely impactful. The message was crystal clear and I know we all took a second look at how we present ourselves. May I also say that I love your teaching style? If you ever move careers, this may be a good change for you!

All that you gave us was very good advice. Be proud knowing that you have positively affected the pocketbook of many of those students. I can’t wait to have you into my next class to see the repeat performance.

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Branding with the 5 Senses @ BusinessLink AB

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Wake Creative Branding Workshop


Branding to Millennials – How-to stand out and grab their attention.

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