On-Core Bookkeeping Services – Lynn Gagne-Webb

“This process that we went through with Wake Creative, which started as a website design, was so important, and I underestimated how impactful it was.”

Lynn Gagne-Webb – On-Core Bookkeeping Services

Brand Bible, Logo Design, Stationery, Website design direction, Signs, Brochures, Folder, Thank You Card.

What started out as a website design project, turned into a full-blown brand overhaul. Lynn approached Wake Creative to redesign their website. After asking Lynn about her target audience and future goals for On-Core, we knew that this project needed to start at the foundation – her brand.

Her existing identity was clumsy and dated. There was no readability or anything impactful about the look that would attract her target audience. We explained to her that redesigning the website was only a temporary solution to an underlying problem. Her company was not communicating effectively to her target audience. Her perception to prospects was sending the wrong message.

She agreed in protest that she needed to change her look and communicate why On-Core exists. It was a tough uphill climb working with Lynn. There was an emotional attachment to her existing image because she created it for herself. Patience and understanding was needed to make sure the branding transformation would go smoothly.

When we begin any major brand development project we start at the beginning – why a company exists. The process starts with a number of meetings with the owner of the company to discover their purpose.

Once we have their purpose discovered, we then begin on other elements of their brand. The whole story that unfolds allows us to develop a logo design and supporting materials. These materials effectively communicate the brand and tell the story of why a company exists.

Lynn was resistant to the process at first but the line of question we asked, made her think about her company on a deeper level. So much so that she asked herself what she truly wanted to achieve with her company.

Once we crafted her Purpose statement – Everything we do is to instill confidence in others so that they can create success and security – her business operations made sense. Every piece of her company started to come together.

We created a logo that represented the brand in a way that was not too cliché or too abstract. As we looked around at her competitors and the industry, we saw that they played with the typical symbols to represent their business – abacus, scales, books, checkmarks, and swooshes. Because her bookkeeping business was unique and her level of service is second-to-none, we had to create a logo that exemplified her company.

We compiled everything we developed into their own Brand Bible. This defacto book will help On-Core create cohesive marketing strategies. It onboard’s marketing contractors and employees with great detail so they know why, how and what On-Core does. The Brand Bible also keeps On-Core on track. Never deviating from who they are and why they do it.


I just wanted to drop a quick note to say “Thank You” for the work that you did for us recently on our new logo and our branding.

Let me first say that I hated my new logo, but that is a good thing and let me explain.

This process that we went through with Wake Creative, which started as a website design, was so important, and I underestimated how impactful it was.

I knew that the look and feel of my company was important, but your process of exploration before doing any work made me stop and think about why I was in business and who I wanted to appeal to. It made me realize that my current logo was designed for myself, someone who thinks in square boxes and likes things in balance. Yet my target market was for people that didn’t think this way. They need a visual of someone trusting, up to date with today’s trends and not ‘old and stogy’. My existing logo simply did not appeal to my target market.

The Brand Bible further helped me define who I was and what I wanted. Nice touch to the branding and the incredibly thorough job.

When we first launched my logo and branding I hated it. But my customers loved it. I have to admit that I get more comments on my logo now than I ever have in the past. Better than that, my phone is ringing off the hook with new potential customers and the market that I wanted to reach is now calling me. I really believe that branding myself properly had a lot to do with the phone ringing.

Thank you for having patience. I know that I can be a hard person to sway, but you succesfully managed to do it. By the way…I now love my logo and it looks pretty damn good on my wall.

Thank you.

Lynn Gagne-webb

(Past)Owner, On-Core Bookkeeping Services