“He keyed into what was at the heart of my business and ‘got’ what I wanted even when I didn’t really know how to communicate it well.”

Rebecca Frederick – Frederick & Company Insolvency

The Problem

Rebecca wanted to connect with her clients on a deeper level. She felt her company was too corporate and needed to be warmed up, given the economic situations of her clients when they work with her. She had her heart set on an image that was clean, told a story and most importantly, work with the existing type-based logo of her company’s other division.

The Process

After a few meetings with Rebecca, we got to work researching her industry and competitors. We got a good sense of perspective on the whole process of bankruptcy, Dennis’ parents went through one when he was a child, so we knew how these people must have felt walking into the office of Frederick & Company. It’s not a life event anyone wants to go through.

Rebecca is a fantastic woman and has an energy that infects you when you meet her. Her business was no different. Her amazing tagline ‘from financial distress to financial success™’ was something we really wanted to stress in her logo. She is her client’s superhero. A person who takes the weight of financial distress off their shoulders. Giving them freedom and a new life.

We took a look at her competitors and the industry. What we found was a very corporate standardized look. Given the emotional state that this target audience is in when they visit an insolvency firm, our belief was that a rigid corporate image was not the direction we wanted to pursue with this logo design.

The Solution

The logo story begins with the feather. It’s the remnants of someone taking flight. As a bird lifts off into the sky, chances are they will lose a feather as they begin their journey. A person who works with Frederick & Company will also take flight. Feel free from the financial distress and take flight into the next chapter of their life – financial success.

The placement of the feather is purposely done. The upward stroke of the quill represents the financial success a person will achieve when they entrust Frederick & Company. The feather is contained. Containing the feather in a box gives the sense of order. Representing the order of laws, the corporate structure of the company and their professionalism.

Once we had the logo created we then got to work on redesigning the homepage of the website. We needed an image that would convey taking flight. Choosing images of the outdoors gives the visitor a calming effect. Pairing the strong visuals with equally strong text brings the brand together.


What our Client has to say:

I believe that logos are a very important part of a business’s messaging. I longed for a logo that represented the services I provide which is helping people through financial difficulty; a logo that reflected the emotional side of financial distress and what it means to break free of the burden of overwhelming debts. But I also needed to keep the current logo because we needed to keep a common thread and consistency between Frederick & Company Ltd. the insolvency firm and Frederick & Company LLP the accounting practice. The existing logo has a very practical and logical feel to it so I thought a complementary logo would be particularly challenging. As a result I put that idea to rest and I didn’t seek out someone to create the logo. Then I got to know Dennis.

The moment I sat down with Dennis to find out about his business it was clear that he would be equal to the task of finding a logo that would compliment our existing logo that also resonated emotionally with people. His passion for his business and the drive he has to create a logo that embodies the heart of a company was palatable. The quiet reserved man I had thought I knew became an energetic, electric and passionate man who was clearly up for the challenge of creating my new logo.

In our initial meeting I knew the essence of what I wanted but couldn’t really describe it. I didn’t know what image I wanted the logo to be but I knew it wouldn’t be multicoloured. I also knew I wanted to resonate the emotional aspect of my work but I didn’t want it to be “fluffy.”  I used words like “chunky” and “soft but not soft” to describe what I wanted. These are not very helpful words or phrases yet Dennis was able to understand what I wanted. He keyed into what was at the heart of my business and “got” what I wanted even when I didn’t really know how to communicate it well.

I was amazed that Dennis could read between the lines and create a logo that was exactly what I was looking for. My new logo is complimentary to our existing logo. It is a outline of a feather which has hard, exact lines but still portrays the lightness one feels after they have moved from financial distress to financial success. My logo represents the weightlessness of being free of a burden without being fluffy. It is “chunky “and “soft but not soft”. It has a solidness to it as well which was important for embodying the professionalism of our firm.  In short, it is exactly perfect.

Thank you so much Dennis for everything. I would to hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know who is looking to really get clear about their brand and discover a new logo that will represent them authentically out there in the world.

Rebecca Frederick

Owner, Frederick & Company Insolvency

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