Crest Roofing & Company

“Dennis was able to get me thinking back to the days that made me want to start a business, this put me in a vulnerable position that I was not accustomed to but necessary to get where we needed to be.”

– Chris Fraser owner of Crest Roofing & Co.

Crest Roofing & Company


Brand Development, Name Development, Logo Design, Stationary, Brochures, Door hangers, Signs, Swag, Vehicle Wraps

I began the process with Chris through our Find Your Purpose session. 4 hours later we had their purpose created – To encourage others so that they can experience fulfillment. As soon as we created their Why, a number of keywords began to jump out. From those words, ideas and further exploration brought us to a new company name that expressed his business exactly the way he wanted.
Taking this logo to a new level, I made sure all angles in the logo were actual roof pitch angles. The use of silver expresses the quality of their service paired with a royal blue for honesty and loyalty. Wonderful imagery from the logo was then used on the supporting print materials I created for their marketing efforts.

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