Marketing is not as hard as people think!

The marketing noise you have to contend with today is annoying. You see it yourself when you go shopping for groceries or when you buy something online. You are bombarded with ads and others shouting at you to buy from them. Mix in a little social media…you are ready to toss your hands in the air.

Before you give up, let me tell you what most marketing people will NOT tell you.

Marketing is not as hard as you think it is.

Marketing plans can be achieved with grace and ease. All it takes is some planning and most importantly, reading this booklet – Marketing Truths for Business Owners.

Dear Friend,

I’m going to cut to the chase because there is nothing more I hate than BS and the runaround.

This booklet I wrote has 15 rules for marketing. These 15 rules are marketing truths that can help you create a marketing plan that makes sense to you.

Marketing is not that hard. All it takes is consistency, diligence, and patience (Rule #10).

You will learn this and a hell of a lot more. All for free!

Fill out the form below to get instant access to this 28-page book.

Read it, print it, share it…your marketing plan begins with you reading this booklet.

Oh ya, before I forget, inside this booklet is also my marketing plan formula. Again, this is a formula I use. Is it perfect? Probably not. Does it work for me? Yup. Can it work for you? I think so. Listen, you do not have to use my formula step by step but you can steal ideas from it and create your own.

Make a plan that works for you.

Dennis Michael

Author and Business Owner

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