Bosecke Song LLP

Created in 2013


Their company was looking for a modern, clean logo mark that was professional but also spoke to their clients. With the addition of their new tagline “Lawyers without the jargon” I developed a logo mark that would reinforce the tagline and their core values as a business.

Their core values – plain speak, simplification, and clarity – when added together it creates confidence, honesty and happy clients.

Overall, one word summed up the company – PROGRESSIVE. 

With that in mind, I found a symbol that would exude this word. A Triskelion is a 3 legged symbol with a greek definition of progressive.

The 3 legs of their logo are plain speak, simplification, and clarity. Stylized as a speech bubble that reinforced their tagline “lawyers without the jargon”

Scope of work

The list of tasks included: logo design, identity manual, business card design, letterhead, and invoice design.

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