My boys have been learning how to skate for the past year or so. We don’t get out enough to see significant progress or so I thought.

I took them out a few weeks ago. It was the first time in the past year. Last year, I had the boys out 3 times I think. Up to that point they were doing good. As good as to be expected for someone who doesn’t skate regularly.

This particular day was eye opening to me. First, kids learn stuff quickly. I truly mean that. Kids are amazing quick learners. Secondly, they are resilient. If you encourage them.

There were a number of times where Owen was doing well on his skates but he fell down on his butt hard. Instead of crying or whining, he looked at me and when he saw that I was unresponsive, he smiled and got back up. Same thing happened with Levi.

Each time they fell down and got back up, they were a bit discouraged but I kept telling them that for every time you fall, you learn a lesson. I would ask them, “what did you learn this time?” They would reply,  “I leaned back.” or “I didn’t keep my legs wide.” or  “I was distracted.”

I encouraged them to get back up and keep skating because soon they will be gliding on the ice with ease.

Life is the same as learning how to skate.

You will fall. You will get hurt. You will also have moments where you succeed. But it is important that for each time you fall down or get hurt, you look at it as a learning experience. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t be upset and give up. Life hurts sometimes. It is not an easy ride nor should it be. What is the reason for living if you are not learning? Embrace your challenges. Learn from them and keep moving forward.

Most importantly get back up and keep moving forward.

If you are struggling to get back up, seek encouragement and support from others when you need a hand getting back on your feet. Understand that life requires work. No one will do it for you.

You got this!

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