Back in January I told my peeps at Spark that I was declaring 2017 the year of less talking and more doing. Why? Because in the last 5 years or so I have been seeing a trend. People who talk a big game but when it comes to deliver the goods, they disappear or find an excuse as to why it never happened. Or worst yet they fall short on their promise.

I’ve heard my fair share of talkers.

From business owners who say they want to implement some sort of marketing strategy but never follow through, to people who talk about changing jobs but never do it. It’s everywhere you look. Dreamers who want change and are more than capable of doing it BUT never follow through by actually doing it.

What pains me the most are ‘consultants’ who claim they can make you rich in 5 easy steps or ‘experts’ who can help you grow your company simply by hiring them to talk to you and give you advice.

I fell for this a few years ago.

I hired an ‘expert’ who works specifically with freelance designers. I was looking for help to grow my business. I knew the areas where I wanted help and I went looking for someone who could help me.

I found this person and did my homework by calling thier references. I then made up a checklist of items I wanted to accomplish. Sent it to this person and was happy they were up to the challenge. As soon as the money exchanged hands all I got was talk. In fact there was a moment where I felt I knew more than they did because this person didn’t offer me anything valuable. Nothing was told to me that I didn’t already know.

So I fired this person.

I made it clear that it wasn’t going to work out because I wasn’t learning anything from them. It was a disappointment and made me really look at myself. What I realized was the answers were already in front of me. I knew what I needed to do, I just had to trust myself and go do it.

My point is you can do this. You need to trust yourself and be fearless. Be calculated with your risks. Try new things. Have fun with it. Learn from these experiences and keep moving forward.

Less talking and more doing.

If it failed, I would learn from the experience and move forward. Try something new. Pay attention to the outcomes and adjust/change direction as needed.

I’ve read a ton of books on business, empowerment and awareness. After a while they all started to sound the same. The same message spun into a new angle. Like a wood chipper chewing on the same garbage and spitting out a newer version of the same thing.

Are you tired of talkers?

I don’t know about you but talkers are driving me nuts. I have had enough of people calling themselves experts when they have no business using that word. The instagram wannabes who make promises of grandeur, flashing their luxury lifestyle when in fact we all know it’s bullshit. The coach who claims they can help you grow your business but never ran a business in their life. The person who says they are your ‘guru’ when all they did was read some text books and flaunt their MBA. It has to stop.

I have made a conscience decision to surround myself with people who talk and do. I want you to do the same. Take a hard look at that people around you. Take a look at the ones you hired. Is their game backed up with doing? Do they spend their days actually doing? Or are they simply talking?

Your BS radar is stronger than you think.

If you feel you need outside help, trust your gut. You are able to sniff out the talkers from the doers. Trust yourself. Ask hard questions and wait for their answers. Do they spend more time talking or are they listening? Can they back up their claims with experience? Can they tell you WHY they do what they do with sincerity and authenticity? Or are they simply in it to make money in hopes you will be their next victim

Surround yourself with doers.

Weed out the losers and surround yourself with winners – people who are as hungry as you and are your biggest advocates.

I have a number of really authentic people around me and when it comes to business coaches, I know someone who has been there and done that. When he talks about work life balance and ideal life, he means it because he has gone through the successes & struggles of business ownership. When he says he can work with medium and large companies, it’s because he owned one himself.

I would love to introduce you to Dave Sinclair of Business Transitions Plus if you are looking for a business coach who less talking and more doing. He’s a beauty. Simply reply to this email and I will make an introduction.

Remember this: less talking more doing. Be the leader you know you are. Kick ass and take names. Go out there swinging and don’t stop.


You got this!

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