It's all in the details

How many times have you been networking? You are chatting with this new person, things are going well and eventually you swap business cards. Naturally, you read it over and their contact details come into view.

That’s when you see it, their email address and website address are two completely different items.

This person has a website address but their email address is a hotmail or gmail account. Or maybe they don’t even have a website (this is another email for a later time).

Maybe it’s just me but I find this frustrating.

Details like this matter. If you are building a brand and a business, you need to step up your game. Little details like this go a long way.

Perception matters.  It may not show on that prospect’s face but subliminally they have knocked you down a peg in the credibility and value ladder. Your email address should match your website address.

No excuses.

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