Is it worth investing in a logo for your startup?


I had to come back and review this article because some new enlightening data was presented to me. I included links to articles that I feel are important to read so you can make a sound decision whether logo design is important for your startup company.

As a brand-spanking-new-business, your main priority is to get customers, quickly. Those sales will help you grow. Do you need a logo to represent your business right away? Yes. Maybe not. Sure a logo will help people associate your customer to your business and brand but I think there is a case to made for naming your company properly BEFORE you decide on a logo design. Do you need to spend months on developing a logo BEFORE you go out there hustling for customers, in your first month of existence? No.

What is your visual presence worth to you?

If you have the budget to get a professional logo created while you are hustling, then get on it! Otherwise, use your limited budget on important things for now. Hire a crowdsourcing site to give you something quick and dirty so you can start hustling. But be warned, you will not have a memorable logo, it will look awful like your competitors and most likely it will not reflect your brand properly. In some cases, it might be a blatant rip off of an existing company’s logo. Or you will not get what you are asking for. This example proves my point. But for now, it will do the trick.

When revenue is consistent, invest in your image

When you have the revenue coming in, customers connecting with your service or product, analytics on their behaviors, how they view your brand…that will be the moment you should take your identity seriously. Hire a professional who can create a memorable, versatile and timeless logo for your business. A professional designer will create a game-changer for you. It will be special and truly state your brand at a single glance.

Should you spend money and time on a logo as a new business?

That’s for you to decide. I’m not running your company, you are. You need to decide what’s important to you. It’s your company and your money. You get what you pay for. Bad design can be costly to your continued success.

But if you want to come out of the gate kicking ass and taking names, then allocate the funds to invest in your logo. It will lay a great foundation for building your brand and set you up for continued success.

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