Thursday, June 15 was my company’s 7 year anniversary. 7 glorious years of graphic design, logos, adventures and clients. I knew my first year was going to be hard. My 3rd year even harder. Getting past the 5 year hump was an accomplishment all its own. Making it to 7 years and going stronger than ever before – fantastic.

Celebrate your accomplishments.

It’s a grind and most of the time we get sucked into working. By the time we lift our head up for air we saw important moments pass us by.

Stop for a moment.

Right now stop and reflect on all you have accomplished so far. If a negative moment creeps in, push it aside. Focus on those ‘hell-ya’ moments – your biggest deal. Your first award. That moment when you made a client cry with joy. Your pay cheques. Your office. That car you drive. Everything you see before you came from you and your hard work.

Feels good doesn’t it?

When your anniversary comes up, celebrate it. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just do it. In fact anytime you score a win, celebrate it. A simple fist pump, crack open a beer, dinner with your special someone, a party…it doesn’t matter.

Just do it.

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