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Your only competitor is yourself. The moment you start worrying about what everyone else is doing, your losing. dennis-michael-logo-designer-wake-creative-6903350

Wake Creative is a small design studio that has been serving clients since 2010.

Wake Creative specializes in logo design and brand development. It’s owner Dennis is the lead hands-on designer who also acts as project lead and creative director.

The structure here is a unique experience that rivals any agency/studio model. No middle management, no junior designers, no unnecessary overhead. Wake Creative’s large network of professionals allows them to match your requirements.

Costs are kept lower because you are working with the owner of Wake Creative. He is the creator of the work and serves as the primary contact for every client. This reflects Wake Creative’s desire to create great solutions with passion, intelligence and accountability.

WHY Wake Creative Exists: To inspire business owners so they can build continued success.

HOW Wake Creative Does This: By being creative, being empathetic, thinking differently, searching for areas on untapped market potential, getting to understand business owners and their company on a deeper level, building relationships, delivering solutions that are unbiased and versatile, creating ideas that utilize business strategy before aesthetics and lastly, saving time and money.

Wake Creative is a client-orientated business that focuses on quality, not quantity. My Mission, Vision and Values are the core to what drives me forward. It’s an extension of Wake Creative’s Purpose and reinforcement of my Golden Circle. Actions speak louder than words.

Vision: To be a world-known logo designer and brand developer that has helped thousands of companies create continued success.

Mission: To inspire and empower business owners. Helping them become industry leaders, not followers.

Values: These are my uncompromising values that I live every day:

  • Belief – in my clients, colleagues and myself.
  • Being Honest & Authentic – with my friends, family, colleagues, myself and the brands I build and the clients I serve.
  • Focus – never entering a competitive mindset, I always create.
  • Giving Back – to my clients, community, colleagues and industry.
  • Humility – everyone is equally important and we are no better than anyone else.
  • Family – every value is reflected in my family life. They are most important to me and the driving force for everything I do.
  • Time – everyone’s time is important and I stay aware of this every day.


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