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Online reviews are big business. It’s important that you take your reviews seriously. Why? Here are some stats to chew on: BrightLocal’s 2014 Local Customer Review Survey of over 2,000 consumers revealed some critical and compelling data: 88% of respondents… I am a patient man for the most part. I have my moments where the fuse is short. I admit it. But for the most part, I am willing to take the time needed because I know the results will be even better if I am patient. Marketing requires this mindset. If you are afraid… I am sure that you have seen the Simon Sinek 15 minute clip on Millennials that has been viral on Facebook? What you don’t know is that clip is part of a 1-hour interview on leadership. In the one hour he gives you so much insight on leadership that these… I am sure you have seen the documentaries and posts about living a simple life? Getting back to what is important? Decluttering? Being minimalist?  While the idea of simplifying is great, it’s not that easy to execute. Especially if you are a family with kids. I… There is nothing worse than seeing a new business go into operation with a terrible logo. There are sites dedicated to ridiculing these companies who operate with a logo that doesn’t reflect who they truly are. I feel sorry for them because I honestly believe…

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