What to charge? This is often a heated debate with freelancers. Some will say you need to charge X amount so you are not devaluing the industry. Others will charge a minuscule amount because they don’t care how much money they make.  The choice is up to you.

This episode is all about the subject of money and where you want to be charging for your services.

Flate rate vs. hourly. Where to start? How to increase your rate over time? Getting over the fear of losing clients and new business. Finding your sweet spot.

I talkl about what I did and what occurred. What I have seen and heard from designers who never increased their rates.

Actionable items:

How-to figure out your ROI

  • Create a 3 columned sheet. Column 1 is your list of services. Column 2 is the amount of hours required to complete each service. Column 3 is your desired hourly wage TIMES the amount of hours. Whatever your total is, add another 50-100%. This is your price and the percentage is your ROI. But remember, if you get the service done in quicker time, your ROI increases.

Creating a master list of pricing for various services you offer

  • Design a master list of services with pricing. List out the details included with each service, if you want to. Use this sheet for selling to clients. This will keep you consistent with pricing and help you stick with your charges.

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