It can be disappointing to see someone go. You invested your time and energy into this person and then they leave. Who wouldn’t be disappointed?

I have felt this way many times over in my professional career. It sucks.

Then I had a conversation with my wife and it all began to make sense.

If you are the greatest person in the room, maybe it’s time to change rooms!

Any entrepreneur with grit, hunger and determination will want to surround themselves with people who are greater than themselves. This simple act has a profound effect on your mentality and progress as a business owner. Opportunities arise. Nuances rub off on you. You end up elevating your game and soaring towards new aspirations and goals.

On the flip side, if you are constantly out-performing your cohorts. If you are constantly lifting them up while receiving nothing in return, why would you stay in that room?

So for me to be upset because someone left the room is moot. It is an act of selfishness. I should be celebrating their courage to change rooms and wishing them well.

Are you in the right room?

Are you surrounded by people who are pushing you to elevate your game?

Evaluate your circle of friends.
Evaluate the room you are in.

Maybe it’s time for you to change rooms?

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