Long ago, we use to take on clients needing one-off projects like website design, brochure, advertisements, etc. As we completed each one-off project we knew we were not giving them exactly what they needed to succeed. The projects we created in those early years were, in most cases, reflective of their brand. But the other pieces they had designed by various designers and by themselves, were inconsistent with the complete brand. The messaging would be wrong. The imagery would be off. The colours used were an afterthought. The brand was in a worse mess than before. Inconsistency in branding sends mixed messages and can destroy your perception. We knew it but did nothing at that time.

A decision was made

We didn’t want to be responsible for those inconsistencies anymore so we changed our business model. We wanted to leave clients in a far better situation than they would have expected. Building anything requires a strong foundation. In terms of a business, that foundation is their brand.

A company cannot engage in meaningful and impactful marketing without their brand developed in a meaningful manner. Otherwise, they are pissing their money away. Being preyed upon by shitty salesmen, agencies and studios who only care about padding their own wallets. We couldn’t let this happen to the companies we worked with. They were special. They had amazing stories and an amazing brand. Our responsibility as branding experts is to make sure they are in a much better place after we have worked with them. Not a worse place.

Every new client we work with starts by building a solid foundation

Your brand and logo design are important foundational pieces for your company. We work this way for a specific reason. We want to set you up for long term success. We want to give you a clear marketing direction for the next 2-10 years.

Without foundational branding work, we are not leaving you in a better place. We would be like everyone else. Leaving you with a bunch of stuff that has no direction for marketing your company. Because let’s face it, once you have a logo and supporting materials, you have to market it. How do you know where and to whom you should communicate to if you have only one piece of the puzzle?

How does your brand behave? How does it talk? Where are the most effective areas to reach your dream client? What brand touch points are going to make the most sense and leave them with a memorable experience? How are you going to make them talk about you and wanting to come back for more?

Once we have developed your brand and logo, the implementation/design side of things becomes easy. The implementation includes a business card, website, and a vast array of marketing materials we feel will work best for your business. Basically, the visual and communication pieces that are part of your targeted marketing efforts.

Our design services are exclusive

We only offer design services to our clients as an added convenience after we have built their brand and logo. They are not available to new clients as a stand-alone service. In some cases, our clients will hire us only for the branding portion only, which we are totally comfortable with.

We are not cheap and we are not the most expensive. A typical client will invest $15000 or more on over the course of 12 months when working together. If you want to know what your revenue budget should be our FAQs can help you.

We offer a lot of value.

We take a lot of notes and ask a lot of questions. Typically our first discovery meeting is over 2 hours long and we usually have one to two more after that. Then we do research and insight to get a complete picture of your industry, playing field and competitors. We deliver an exceptional experience to all our clients during and after the project has been completed. The moment you become a client, you are part of an exclusive group that has access to additional perks, services, events and workshops not available to the outside world.

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