There are those moments when you are not in the room and your name is spoken. The person saying your name is often talking about their experience with you to another person. Emotions, memories, feelings are flooding that person’s mind. We can only hope what they are saying are good thoughts.

Now think about the time when you introduce your company to prospects.

You mention its name and explain your brand promise and slogan. What do you want them to feel and think when they hear that name? Good things am I right?

Your name is important. We all know that. You own it and you live by it. Some families take pride in mentioning their name. There are others who mention the name of other people with a sense of pride because they are closely associated with that person.

Do your customers feel the same way?

Do they say your company’s name with a sense of pride? Are they confident when speak your business name?

Your company name is important. It is as important as your logo and brand. Everything works together creating this symphony of emotions and perception. A cohesive unit.

When you create your company name with complacency, your perception will falter. Same thing happens when you do the same to your logo and brand.

You are building a company that is your legacy.

You desire to build a business that turns heads, makes you money and attracts the right customer. Your persistence, desire, ambition, hunger, vision and goals require a business name worth remembering.

I asked you earlier what your customers feel and think when they hear your company name. Now I ask, what do YOU feel and think when you say your company name aloud?

If it’s not filled with the desired outcomes you expect, maybe it’s time for a gut check. What kind of business are you actually building?

Do you care about your clients and brand?

Do you feel like others don't get the method to your madness? Do they look at your excessive nature of caring and going the extra mile as a waste of time and money? Do they have a chuckle at your expense?

Don't stop doing what makes you great! Do more of it because this is what separates shitty brands from great ones.

If you have a desire to take your brand to a new level of success, let's talk.

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