I find that the word branding has many definitions. Most creative studios, freelancers and agencies will define branding as your logo, letterhead, business card designs and other visual designs. To me, this is only part of what makes your brand.

My definition of a brand is – the process involved in creating a unique company experience that induces storytelling and word-of-mouth advertising.

Branding is more that a visual presence

Your brand is an ecosystem made of parts which rely on one another to work effectively. The more you add to the ecosystem, the greater the experience. If you start with your purpose/why and add in equal parts of logo, messaging, vision, values, giving and sensory strategies – your brand experience will be far greater than simply branding through your logo and unique selling proposition. Branding is more than your logo and vice versa, your branding should include strong visuals. Every part of your company is creating your brand.

The complexities of branding

From the moment someone visits your website or calls your number, you are creating your brand. There are emotions involved, psychological marketing to consider, incorporating the senses to strategize. Each of these topics has their own set of questions. What is your tone of voice? What do you want people to smell when they interact with your company? What images and words do you use to reinforce your branding? Do they tell your story properly?

There are a ton of variables to consider. Branding is more complex than simply visuals, like many agencies and designers would like you to believe.

I hope I didn’t make your brain hurt

If you want to create a brand, you need to start at the bottom and work your way up. Create a solid foundation so you don’t have to rebuild again and again.

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