Think about this for a moment.

If my weekly newsletters weren’t centralized around a story, would you read it? I will make an assumption your answer would be no.

Stories have a way of connecting and engaging the listener/reader. They can be powerful in creating a marketing campaign, brochure, website, speech or book. Even if the subject matter is as dry as talking about ‘the exceptional qualities of particle board’.

When you develop your content into story form, people will take notice. Ears will perk up. Eyes will be focused on the speaker/words.

I encourage you to look at your business and figure how you can make a story out of your services and products.

I did this with a restaurant client of mine and the feedback was amazing.

I added stories of origin to each type of dish they offered. Not only did this add visual interest to their menu, it also enhanced their brand presence.

How can you incorporate stories into your company?

Case studies are fantastic. Testimonials are amazing. Personal stories brought into context of a subject matter are great. Historical facts and origins work well.

Find your voice and start engaging with your audience.

If you need some help getting started, I’m here for you. Simply reply to this email.

As for the client I spoke about, here is how I create stories around their food. That logo design was really fun to create. Pretty proud of that beauty.

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