What do you say when you have no idea where to start?

How to talk to your target audience is often a sore spot with many of our clients. They want to be hands-on by creating their own content for their website, blog posts and marketing materials but the problem is they have no idea what to say and how to say it so that it makes sense to those they are trying to reach.

So they get pissed off and throw their hands in the air.

They give up or scrap it altogether. Then they end up asking us to do it for them.

We are happy to oblige but there is a valuable exercise here that we encourage our clients to do.

Let me explain.

Leading the conversation equals valuable insights

As the business owner, you are going to be talking with your clients and prospects at some point. They want to know you. So it’s important that you understand them and their problems. This allows you to relate to them, show empathy towards their pain points and come up with ideas on solving their pain points.

Don’t forget, you are the taskmaster and chief idea guy for your company.

Getting to know your customers personally is going to open a pandora’s box of ideas to make your brand and brand experience much more impactful than your competitors.

You can’t create an impactful brand without talking and listening to your customers.

Here’s a simple exercise you can do with customers that will help you create compelling statements and positioning paragraphs that will resonate with your target audience.

As an example, say you are a software development company looking for local businesses to work with. You are stumped on how to communicate with them. The solutions you provide are robust and are geared toward companies with complex digital situations.

Here’s how to talk to your target demographic

First, meet with business owners that fit your criteria and have a conversation with them. No selling, just a fact-finding mission.

Second, have a notebook and pen ready because you are going to take a load of notes.

Third, ask them questions about their business and listen to their answers.

Questions like:
“What do you hate the most about your day-to-day operations?”
“Where is your current software failing you?”
“Is efficiency something you are looking for?”
“What is holding you back from finding a solution to your problem?”
And so on…

Fourth, keep asking questions. The more you find out what their pain points are, the easier it will be to craft messages to people like them on your website, brochures, social media and more. The more you talk with these people and listen to their responses you will pick up on their language, word choices and their way of thinking. These things will help you put together keywords and phrases that resonate with them.

Give back to them in some way

Now before you call it a day and thank them for their time, it’s important that you find a way to give back to this business owner. This will leave a lasting impression on them and could turn that business owner into a future client sometime soon. In your conversation, they may have brought up other problems plaguing their business or personal life. Take note of these.

A great guy by the name of David C. Baker shared these ideas in his blog post, they are so good that I have to share them.

Here’s how you can give back to them:

  • Connect them with someone that could help them with a problem they are facing.
  • Give them some supporting materials or ideas that they could use to sell to someone upstream from them, more easily winning approval from someone they need to convince.
  • Fill in a knowledge gap to bring them up to speed on some change in the marketplace they occupy.
  • Smooth over some political tension that you navigate on their behalf, without the other person even knowing it.
  • Give them a resource like a book, link to an article, a whitepaper you have created/downloaded that can help them with their problem.

Remember the point is not to sell but to engage and show them that you are focused on understanding their problem(s). This whole experience will give you a wealth of knowledge about your target audience so you can whip up some amazing ideas and ways to communicate with them in an effective personal manner.

The more you connect with your target audience and learn about them, the bigger the impact your brand creates.

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