We all have an amazing amount of knowledge we want to share with the world. Problem is we don’t have enough outlets to spread our knowledge. So you talk the ear off your spouse…again. You repeat the same thing to your colleague…again. It’s ok but there has to be a better way!

There is a better way.

I subscribe to a daily email from two outlets that give me requests for knowledge. These are reporters/blog owners/news outlets/magazines looking for sources so they can write their story. Every day I get a report with request for experts/industry leaders/professionals/thought leaders/etc.

You can offer your knowledge for free.

From request for mortgage brokers, real estate agents, business coaches, travel agents, freelancers, angel investors…the list goes on to who these reporters are looking for to supply them with knowledge.

I have been published and continue to be published.

I have been submitting responses for the past 2 years and I can tell you it works! I have been published 4 times and featured in a podcast.

I continue to submit my responses. 

While they are not instant wins, it get’s you practising on speeches, writing and putting your name out there. It can be tedious work to read through all the requests but once in awhile you will find a gem you cannot pass up. When it is about a subject matter close to your heart, you will be compelled to respond. Those are the ones that get published.

How to get yours.

Getting started is easy, just sign up and start getting emails instantly. Managing the request will be the hard part. What I have done is allotted my “respond to emails” time to look through the requests. That way you are not looking through your emails 3 times a day. What you will find is that the deadline for a response is anywhere from 1-7 days deadline. So you have time to craft your response.

I HIGHLY recommend that each of you get out there and put your name on it! “But Dennis, I am just some guy from Edmonton, do they really want my response?” HELL YES they do. Look at this kid! I was published 4 times and featured on a podcast! E-Town representing!

Your only limitation is the one you impose on yourself. 

Here are the two source I get daily: https://www.helpareporter.com/ & http://www.sourcebottle.com/

Do you care about your clients and brand?

Do you feel like others don't get the method to your madness? Do they look at your excessive nature of caring and going the extra mile as a waste of time and money? Do they have a chuckle at your expense?

Don't stop doing what makes you great! Do more of it because this is what separates shitty brands from great ones.

If you have a desire to take your brand to a new level of success, let's talk.

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