This post was written during the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

There is something beautiful happening at this very moment.

A lot of great businesses are stepping up and helping. Helping in an authentic way.

They are not trying to sell you anything.

They are not capitalizing on the pandemic.

They don’t see you as another transaction or consumer.

They see you as a fellow human in need of support and nothing more.

They are not looking for anything in return.

They are simply looking to help in any way they can.

You know what makes this even more special?

They are being noticed by everyone.

Everyone is taking mental notes at this moment and very soon they will start aligning themselves with these companies.

I want you to keep this mind when this whole situation ends.

Those companies that raised their hands, rolled up their sleeves and said “What do you need?” will be stronger after this pandemic ends.

The other companies that looked at this situation as a way to capitalize on you, will be nothing but a fart in the wind. See you later, thanks for playing.

When the dust settles and we take a hard look at these helpful companies, we will see that they will be blazing forward with new fans. Those who took mental notes during this historical moment will become customers and advocates of these brands. This will inevitably create attention.

We will all look back at the brands that truly helped and wonder how they made it through this historical moment in humanity.


They will be championed and be considered “one of the good guys”.

Many outsiders will want to examine these brands to find their secret sauce.

When they are interviewed, these amazing companies will talk about simple things like Purpose, Values, and Cause.

Readers will be wondering how they can create their own company as “one of the good guys” too because they have desired to do so for quite some time but never found the right time to get started.

When this is all done, many more companies are going to evolve their brands into “one of the good guys”. Because honestly, isn’t this what we all truly want our companies to become?


This is the next evolution of branding & business.

What is a “good guy”?

In all the chaos, the good guys are beautiful people running companies(or brands), personal brands and organizations from the heart. Their empathy is maxed out. They are mentally exhausted dealing with their own problems but they keep moving forward looking for more people to help, despite what their mind is saying. Regardless of their internal struggles, they put on a brave face and look for ways to help you. Their Purpose, Cause, Values and more are guiding them in this horrible time. It is fuelling their existence. It’s keeping them centred and focused.

Many companies were waiting for their moment to evolve their brand into something far more special. They never saw an opportunity to awaken and evolve until now. Before, the thought of running their brand from the heart was mocked and felt too emotional. Today, those who are operating from the heart are going to survive and be the winners.


It’s happening right now and guess what? You can do it too!

If you have a desire to become a good guy, you don’t have to wait to make this happen. You can do it right now. We have been gifted with a tremendous amount of time. This is your opportunity to begin evolving your business to something far more special than you ever imagined.

So just do it.

Become beautiful.


p.s. if you need some inspiration or need to know how to become one of the good guys, read this:

p.p.s this also applies to your friends and family. We are all going to look back at those who stepped up and those who were selfish, fear-driven and hoarding. We won’t forget them and we will be more self-aware with whom we align ourselves with.

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