Many companies don’t know how to properly represent their brand.


Wake Creative creates logo designs that symbolize who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

Bringing your brand to life.

Giving you brand clarity and the confidence to represent your business effectively.

We are F_ING great at logos.


Because every logo we create has a story, your brand story.

Because when we create your logo design we make sure it lasts for decades not months.

Because we get to understand your brand inside and out before we design anything.

Because we make sure your logo communicates the right message and gives the right perception.

Because we know that your logo design is the most important piece of your marketing efforts.

Because we know your logo design can create a lot of opportunities for your brand.

Because we love creating, talking and critiquing logos.

Because we specialize in logo design.

You are unique and have your own unique story to tell.

We bring your story to light and use it as the foundation to create your one-of-a-kind logo design. We then complement your logo design with an array of marketing materials so you can build brand awareness with confidence and clarity the moment you reveal your new look to your audience. 

Since 2010 we have created over 100 logo designs for many businesses in an array of industries.

We are a studio that excels at working with B2B Companies.

We work best with business owners that serve other companies. Our extensive knowledge of how to communicate with other business owners has made our studio really good at creating logo designs that are unique and brands that are memorable.


Your service is unique and requires a presence that communicates your level of professionalism. Perception matters so making a great first impression could be the gateway to a multi-million dollar contract.

Real Estate

Whether you are a Real Estate Team, Agent, Mortgage Brokerage or Mortgage Broker. We can help you create a brand that becomes noticed. 


Plumbers, Electricians, Roofing, or anything related to construction services, we can help you grow your brand awareness. Building a unique presence that truly communicates your amazing level of service.


If you are in the business of helping other professionals in a deeply meaningful way, we can help you develop a personal brand that expresses who you are what you and why you do it.

Want to hire us to create your logo design?

Here’s what you need to know before you contact us

Sure we talk a big game but are we for real? Read these testimonials…

Ryan Avery

“The owner, Dennis, went above and beyond to keep contact with me to answer my 1000 questions. The attention to detail is what really drew me in from the beginning, and that attention to detail is what really reflected in every single part of my website/brand. Wake Creative somehow managed to exceed my highest expectations.”

Jackson Fisk

“I was a bit hesitant to the process in my mind when we started out. But the outcome provided far exceeded any expectation I had. The process was fun and Dennis has a gift of displaying a visual identity that truly represents everything we talked about.”

Amin Ahmed

“Love working with Dennis!! He’s a true professional in a sea of amateurs. It’s an awesome feeling knowing that when I need marketing material created for my logo and branding that he designed, it’s going to be done right. Highly recommend.”

Noel Murdoch

“As I refer Dennis to my clients he continues to amaze me with his creativity, impresses me with his talented designs, and continues to take great care as he ensures a high-quality final product. “

Mark & Lucy Prokop

“Dennis took his time talking to us, visiting our project sites, researching the market and what it is that we want and yet achieve the result that truly works for Divine Painting Services Inc. to reach the market and stand out in the market. We are very pleased and happy with the work Dennis had done for us and we totally recommend his services.”

Logo Design, branding, Marketing and Inspiring Resources for knowledge and awareness of how f_ing Good We are!

Profit Line Services

Profit Line Services

Profit Line ServicesCreated in 2014Story This bookkeeping company was just getting started and needed an image to match their tagline "Bookkeeping is the key to success".Scope of work The list of tasks included: logo design, identity manual, business card design, and...

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10 Years and Counting

10 Years and Counting

Today is Wake Creative's 10th birthday and I am fucking excited about this milestone. Looking back on the last 10 years I have to say, I have learned a lot and CONTINUE to learn a lot. Every year I move forward, my company and brand become stronger and more valuable...

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How to navigate political or social issues with your brand.

How to navigate political or social issues with your brand.

I am sure you are like me, right now. You see what is going on in the world at this moment and you are wondering what to say and how to say it so your brand doesn’t get backlash from your customers, fans, social media and maybe the public at large. I understand your...

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For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes OnlyCreated in 2013Story This optometrist clinic was looking for a new logo design. At the time I began working with them, they were using 3 different logo designs that were promoted publicly. It was a complete disaster. Every logo design they were using...

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Bosecke Song LLP

Bosecke Song LLP

Bosecke Song LLPCreated in 2013Story Their company was looking for a modern, clean logo mark that was professional but also spoke to their clients. With the addition of their new tagline "Lawyers without the jargon" I developed a logo mark that would reinforce the...

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Camrock Capital

Camrock Capital

Camrock CapitalCreated in 2012Story Even though our logos back in the day included a story, our early work when presented to a client did not include the wonderful storyboards we include today.  We were tasked in creating a logo design for our client that expressed...

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