It’s not a logo,
it’s your breakthrough.

Create your wave.

A shift takes place.

When we create a logo design for your brand, your brand is emblazoned in your audiences’ minds. It tells the story of who your organization is, what you do and most importantly why you do it. The words are meaningful but the visual adds clarity beyond imagination.  A transformation occurs. It no longer is a logo, it’s a symbol of change. It changes the way the people in your organization think about what you do and why you do it. It changes how your target audiences get to know you, engage with you, and remain loyal to you.  ‘What could be’ shifts to ‘how far should I go?’.

Attraction happens.

Your uniqueness and clarity of brand maintains your current customers and stakeholders and it attracts new ones.  Clear and on brand impressions eliminate false assumptions. Competitors will take notice. Your brand story will resonate. Your perception will show your value and authority. People, inside and out, will know you, remember you, and want to engage with you.

The type of breakthroughs you can expect when we work together.

Your Mortgage Match

Now I am so proud to hand out my business card. Every person that touches it stares and the logo and they all say the same thing, “Wow, I love your logo”. I am constantly getting positive feedback on the branding. I can honestly say that over 50% of my business has chosen to work with me because they felt attracted to my brand.

Noel Murdoch
Owner, Your Mortgage Match

On-Core Bookkeeping

I have to admit that I get more comments on my logo now than I ever have in the past. Better than that, my phone is ringing off the hook with new potential customers and the market that I wanted to reach is now calling me. I really believe that branding myself properly had a lot to do with the phone ringing.

Lynn Gagne-Webb
Owner, On-Core Bookkeeping Services

Crest Roofing & Co.

I want to point out that Dennis was able to get me thinking back to the days that made me want to start a business, this put me in a vulnerable position that I was not accustomed to but necessary to get where we needed to be. But it was at this point that everything started to flow, and flow it did.

Chris Fraser
Owner, Crest Roofing & Co.

We are visual identity masters.

We are at our best when we develop, create, and launch your visual identity, including a logo … whether you are starting a new endeavour or your current enterprise needs a visual overhaul. In the noisy world that is today, you deserve a visual identity that matches what you do so well. We are experts at doing just that.  

Why this approach?

Have you ever heard of the saying “jack of all trades and master of none?” The world is saturated with creative firms who will do everything for you – web design, logos, SEO, marketing, etc. We have no desire to be like everyone else. Our strengths are logo design and visual identity development, so why should we dilute our skills?



Besides receiving an amazing logo and visual identity services, every client of ours has exclusive access to content and information that is not available to the public. We give exceptional value to our clients above and beyond the scope of work we do for them. From additional resources to exclusive services, we give our clients a service second to none. We love our clients and want to see them continue to succeed. It is our purpose. Our being. Our brand.

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