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Wake Creative helps Canadian real estate professionals create meaningful brands that connect to those who matter most.

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We are your Real Estate Branding Agency.
Create your wave.

Meaningfully connect.

As a high-performing real estate professional, you desire a brand that strengthens your reputation. You want to be perceived as the best, but you have no idea how to make your wave in the universe.

We enhance your potential with the power of branding.

Step 1: Assess

We begin each project by assessing where you are, what you’re great at, who is in your way and what you want to achieve.

Step 2: Strategize

We examine your brand by asking important questions. The answers help create a brand strategy that will position you to stand out and capture the attention of your intended audience.

Step 3: Enhance

We enhance the foundational pieces for your brand that will become the catalyst to building the most critical marketing goal – brand awareness.

Step 4: Execute

We execute your brand by creating high-performance designs, empowering words and marketing creativity.

Elevate your status.

We elevate your status by redeveloping your brand into its true meaningful force that gets noticed and attracts new people.

Wake Creative specializes in brand development for Canadians like you who are high-performance real estate agents, brokers or companies that want to enhance their potential. We correct public perception by redeveloping your brand to reflect your true identity.

Regain strength, energy and value.

With your new branding comes a renewed sense of purpose. Reignite yourself or your team. Strengthen company culture. Attract new clients and retain existing ones. Increase the value of your business with timeless branding.

Create your wave.

The moment all your brand elements are aligned, you are ready to make a ripple in the universe. Instantly becoming memorable and making an impact on your target audience.

Enhanced Potential.

Since 2010, we have helped countless real estate professionals enhance their brands. See how we have helped these real estate brands meaningful and memorable.

Sonia Tarabay

Dennis is outstanding! I have been working with him for several years and absolutely LOVE his work. He is passionate, creative and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him.

Dylan Kisilowski

There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe how outstanding and amazing Wake Creative’s work is. Dennis, is an all-around awesome guy to work with and the quality and value he provides is first-class. He truly created the FOUNDATION for my Real Estate brand and business. I highly recommend the investment!!

Noel Murdoch

“As I refer Dennis to my clients he continues to amaze me with his creativity, impresses me with his talented designs, and continues to take great care as he ensures a high-quality final product. “

Alex Ward

With the expertise of Dennis and the entire Wake Creative team, my Brand and logo not only express who I am. But also the clientele that we’re hoping to attract. They’ve created materials required for my business to surpass our goals and push us into the next level.

Ryan Avery

“The owner, Dennis, went above and beyond to keep contact with me to answer my 1000 questions. The attention to detail is what really drew me in from the beginning, and that attention to detail is what really reflected in every single part of my website/brand. Wake Creative somehow managed to exceed my highest expectations.”

We are your champion, advocate, supporter, and partner in your journey forward.

Learn how we can help you create continued success as a reborn purpose-driven brand.

Real Estate Resources.

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How to navigate political or social issues with your brand.

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Do you have to be a company with a purpose?

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