Make a statement with a single glance.

It’s not a logo, it’s your breakthrough.

Now you have clarity

The moment your new logo design and brand are presented, you see no barriers.

Perception changes

The first time you show off your new logo to a client, their perception of your company just increased ten-fold.

Attraction happens

The moment you start marketing your new brand, clients you dreamed of attracting are now yours.

A shift has taken place.

This shift is your breakthrough

This is the power your logo design and brand can wield.

This is what you experience when working with Wake Creative.

Create your wave.

The next decision is yours…

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The results

“I want to point out that Dennis was able to get me thinking back to the days that made me want to start a business, this put me in a vulnerable position that I was not accustomed to but necessary to get where we needed to be. But it was at this point that everything started to flow, and flow it did.”

Chris Fraser

Owner/Operator, Crest Roofing & Co.

“Now I am so proud to hand out my business card. Every person that touches it stares and the logo and they all say the same thing, “Wow, I love your logo”. I am constantly getting positive feedback on the branding.”

Noel Murdoch

Owner, Your Mortgage Match

“I have to admit that I get more comments on my logo now than I ever have in the past. Better than that, my phone is ringing off the hook with new potential customers and the market that I wanted to reach is now calling me. I really believe that branding myself properly had a lot to do with the phone ringing.”


Business Consultant, former owner of On-Core

“Wake Creative has helped our business build a solid marketing foundation. We went through the very thorough “Brand Bible” process with Dennis. It was here that we were able to put all of the ideas of who we thought we were down onto paper and begin to solidify our identity and brand. ”

Dr. Glen Jefferies

Co-Owner, Parkstone Dental

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