Marketing is a battle of perceptions, not products or services.

How do you want to be perceived?

Wake Creative helps companies correct customer perception by improving the way their brand behaves, looks and communicates to their dream customer.

Perception is a way humans regard, understand or interpret your company. It is a mental impression made by the messages you communicate through your business. Whether you believe it or not, you communicate to consumers through the five senses. Each is important and requires your attention to execute effectively and consistently.

How is your brand being perceived at this very moment?


This is how we help clients like you:

Brand Development

You already have a brand but it’s not communicating to your customers the way you want it to. We break apart your existing brand and rebuild it into the brand you envisioned.

Logo Design

Your logo is your first communication tool to the outside world. Customers will judge you instantly when they see your logo. Our approach to logo design is second-to-none.

Is brand perception important to you?

See if Wake Creative is the right fit to help your company create continued success.

Resources to build knowledge and awareness

The Dos and Don’ts of Personal Branding for Athletes

It’s stories like this that really piss me off. I’m angry at Nike for being so shady. I’m angry at Kawhi for not doing his due diligence in protecting himself. In my mind, both parties are equally at fault. I just hope that Nike does the right thing and give Kawhi his...

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Why we start every new client project with their brand.

Long ago, we use to take on clients needing one-off projects like website design, brochure, advertisements, etc. As we completed each one-off project we knew we were not giving them exactly what they needed to succeed. The projects we created in those early years...

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Is it worth investing in a logo design for your startup?

I had to come back and review this article because some new enlightening data was presented to me. I included links to articles that I feel are important to read so you can make a sound decision whether logo design is important for your startup company. As a...

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