Outclass your competition.

Wake Creative helps you attract the right clients and grow your business.

We are your brand-centric design studio.

Create your wave.

Attract the right clients.

Has your branding made you money? We all want to grow our businesses and make more money.  You want to attract the right clients, but you have no idea how branding can make it happen.

We will help you create powerful brand-centric designs that will help you make more money.

Our process.

Every project we create starts with a detailed discovery session that learns more about you, your company, its services and those you want to target.

We then create your solutions and give you the plan to execute it. 

Your brand-centric solutions become the foundation of your marketing.

  • We design a look that creates trust between you and your client.
  • We create bespoke materials that speak to your audience.
  • We design all the necessary print and digital assets you need to sell with confidence.
  • We give you the tools you need to market your company’s brand effectively on any platform.
  • It’s the guidance and service you always wanted for your company brand.

Sonia Tarabay

Dennis is outstanding! I have been working with him for several years and absolutely LOVE his work. He is passionate, creative and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him.

Dylan Kisilowski

There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe how outstanding and amazing Wake Creative’s work is. Dennis, is an all-around awesome guy to work with and the quality and value he provides is first-class. He truly created the FOUNDATION for my Real Estate brand and business. I highly recommend the investment!!

Noel Murdoch

“As I refer Dennis to my clients he continues to amaze me with his creativity, impresses me with his talented designs, and continues to take great care as he ensures a high-quality final product. “

Alex Ward

With the expertise of Dennis and the entire Wake Creative team, my Brand and logo not only express who I am. But also the clientele that we’re hoping to attract. They’ve created materials required for my business to surpass our goals and push us into the next level.

Ryan Avery

“The owner, Dennis, went above and beyond to keep contact with me to answer my 1000 questions. The attention to detail is what really drew me in from the beginning, and that attention to detail is what really reflected in every single part of my website/brand. Wake Creative somehow managed to exceed my highest expectations.”

Success stories.

Since 2010, we have helped many business owners improve their brand’s potential. See how we have helped these brands become meaningful and memorable.

See what’s possible.

We elevate your status by redeveloping your brand into its true meaningful force that gets noticed and attracts new people.

Wake Creative is the brand-centric design studio for business owners that want to outclass their competitors.

Our methodical approach leaves no detail overlooked. We show you what is possible by tapping into your company’s hidden potential. We give you clarity and direction that shows your audience what makes you meaningful.

We will put you on the right path to create continued success.

Real Estate Resources.

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How to navigate political or social issues with your brand.

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Do you have to be a company with a purpose?

Do you have to be a company with a purpose?

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