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I am a huge fanboy of Adam Sandler. His movies have some of the best one-liners. That era of Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Chris Farley and company was one of the best eras of SNL. It pains me that Lorne Michaels has not been able to find new talent to bring the laughter back.

While my newsletter may not make you laugh out loud each week, I will give you something to think about. Jam packed with branding insights, each week I will make your mind hurt with knowledge.

It’s worth reading.

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I gotta be honest, I hate these mail outs and I never EVER read them. You had me hooked right off the bat and this was the first one I’ve ever read and I felt invested!  Well done! If I had a company, I’d be a buyer! -Kyle K

Somehow I missed this email and was very mad at my phone for making me miss this! It’s both incredibly helpful and almost weird that your emails so far have been on par with what I’m currently experiencing. I’m sure that’s on purpose because you know what the beginning stages are like for starting up a business and getting your name out there. -Jordan H

Just wanted to reach out and say I look forward to your emails. They’re amazingly insightful.  Always entertaining.  And today, perfectly timed and spot on. You’re literally pulling a Hand of God move today, that’s how serendipitous your content was. Keep up the awesome work sir. – wants to be anonymous

What an excellent email – I really like the new email direction you have been sharing. It shows vulnerability and openness. Amazing stuff, thanks!!-Nyssa C

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