We enhance your real estate brand into something you never thought possible.

Who we help.

We are a branding agency that works exclusively in the Canadian Real Estate Industry. The clients we help are Real Estate/Mortgage Agents & Teams, Real Estate/Mortgage Brokerage Owners, Real Estate/Mortgage Companies and Real Estate Developers who operate & reside within Canada.

Agent & Broker Packages

We have created packages to help you build your personal brand no matter what stage you are on in your career.

Brokerage Owners

We have a full suite of services and packages created that will help you build your recruit and retain your real estate professionals.

Companies & Developers

Whether you are trying to secure investors, attract buyers or increase the value of your brand, we can help you. We will create a customized solution to help you solve your business problem. 

Memorable branding needs effective marketing. Effective marketing requires memorable branding.

Our toolbox is filled with the right equipment to help you win sales, attention and retention. All of our services are guaranteed to put you on the right path. When we create solutions for our real estate clients, they are high-quality, one-of-a-kind deliverables that support your long-term goals and help you create laser-focused marketing strategies.


Research Reports
SWT Analysis
Action Plans


Business & Product Names
Purpose statements
Mission, Vision & Values
Unique Selling Propositions
Sales copy
Brand Stories


Logo design
Identity systems
Print media designs
Digital media designs
Website development



Our process.

Working with Wake Creative is an experience. Since 2010, we have been refining our process to create a proper process that leaves no stone unturned. Our systematic process is highly empathic, detailed and thorough.

1. Discovery

We begin every project with a detailed discovery session with all key players. We have a thorough line of questions that help us uncover the true essence of your real estate business.

2. Assessment

After our collection of data, we take a look at the landscape around your real estate company. We will assess other markets, potential competitors, existing clients, and key geographical regions. Then we may do a complete strengths, weaknesses and trends analysis of your real estate brand as it sits today. We will then compile all our information and use it to develop the strategy for the future of your real estate brand.

3. Strategize

After we have examined your existing brand and analyzed all our data and research, we begin asking important questions. Questions like, “How do we position your real estate company so it creates community, loyalty and is memorable?” or “What branding is required to attract the right clients and/or employees and retain them for decades?”

These questions and many more will be asked and discussed internally within Wake Creative to create the right path for your real estate business to enhance your brand.

4. Enhance

All projects are completed in a systematic process where each piece created and approved builds on the next pieces to be designed. We start with the foundational elements of your brand – who you are, what you do and why you do it. They become the catalyst for building the remaining design deliverables.

5. Execute

The execution of your brand is completed by creating high-performance designs and marketing creativity that will help you for the next ten to twenty years. Nothing is compromised.

Are you ready to create your wave?

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Have a question? We have answers.

How much does it cost?

Our minimum level of engagement is $6,500 and can go up from there depending on the type of client you are and the scope of your project.

Can you use the logo I already have?

Absolutely we can use your existing logo design. But be aware that you may change your mind.

It has been our experience that once we have rebranded a client, they quickly realize that their existing logo design no longer aligns with their brand and intended audience. The perception is that their current logo design is not serving their best interests. It is hindering their growth.

Our process determines the best course of action for your company.

How long does it take to complete my brand?

The length of time to complete your project can take 1-12 months depending most importantly on communication, payment structure and level of collaboration.

What ROI can I get from Branding?

We have seen increased sales & referrals occur to clients after they launch their new image and brand.  Their perception increases. Customers become more aware. Customers find their new image more appealing to their needs. Business owners and employees shift mentally. There is increased engagement from staff. Owners become inspired once again. They no longer see themselves as the ‘little guy’. They are more confident. They become proud of their image. If you are looking for revenue gains and other numbers and statistics, please call us or read our testimonials. They are filled with great examples of ROI.

What is the difference between branding and logo design?

Branding is more than visuals. It's the complete ecosystem of your company that makes up the brand. We wrote about it and give a great definition of Branding.