Are you tired of looking & sounding like everyone else?

Let’s create your wave.

Do you want your business to be noticed?

Standing out from the crowd is easy. Getting their attention takes time.

Do you want to increase your reputation & revenue?

Branding your company properly will give you the tangible results you desire.

When you work with Wake Creative you receive:

CLARITY You will know who you are and why you do it. You will know your purpose and what that means for your future.

FOCUS No more haphazardly throwing together marketing & recruiting strategies. You will know who you want to connect with and how to do it.

INSPIRATION You will be bombarded with ideas. I will make you think deeper about your business. You will get renewed excitement for your company.

COMPOSURE You will have the branding foundation you always dreamt of. You will be in complete control of your brand and its future growth.

Want to work with Wake Creative?

Before we begin, here's what to expect.
I fucking love my job and helping people like you!

Don’t play with matches.

What occurred in Fort Mac was a complete tragedy. I sat in awe as I watched the news footage. Definitely a historical moment in Canadian and World History. Here’s what really got me all choked up though. Humanity dropping everything in their personal lives to help...

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Lessen the ass pain by niching yourself.

You’ve heard of the saying ‘jack of all trades, master of none’? This is a very true statement. Every so often I run into a fellow designer who asks me what I do. Naturally they expect me to say web design, brochures, marketing and every other tool under the sun. They...

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You need a greenthumb to brand your business.

Spring time is fantastic because it’s time to nurture my flowers. I love my perennials. There is something therapeutic about planting a garden of flowers. Almost meditative. It also creates beauty and serenity. I have been a green thumb for a long time....

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