It starts with a logo and builds into a brand.

Let’s create your wave.

No matter the industry or client,
the end results are always the same when we are hired.

Our clients are instantly perceived as unique, special and different from their competitors.
They stand out from the crowd.

Increase reputation & revenue.

The very first time a customer looks at their logo, they are impressed. In that instant our client is taken seriously. Their pricing and quality of work is validated. They are looked at as honest and authentic. Most of all, they are appealing to that customer. All in a matter of seconds.

Not only that, our client’s finished logo communicates their brand’s story. It is versatile. It attracts the right customers. It reads well no matter its size.  Our client’s logos are memorable and unique. It is a perfect representation of who they are and why they exist.

Have your logo & brand evaluated, honestly.

There is nothing worse than wasting your time a money on services that you had no reason purchasing. We want to help you create the logo & brand you always dreamt of. The logo & brand that get’s noticed and remembered. We offer a no-obligation, free-from-the-sales-pitch evaluation.  We will help you understand your logo & brand’s current direction, the things you can do to improve it and guide you down the right path so you are no longer throwing money away.

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We are an exclusive company that does 2 things exceptionally well – logo designs and brand building.

When clients hire Wake Creative, they hire us to create their logo and develop their brand. We never work with new clients on projects that are complementary to their company after their logo and brand have been developed.

Why this approach?

Have you ever heard of the saying “jack of all trades and master of none?” The world is saturated with companies who will do everything for you – web design, logos, SEO, marketing, etc. We have no desire to be like everyone else. Our strengths are logo design and brand development, so why should we dilute our skills?


Perks of working with Wake Creative – Once you’re in, you are treated like a VIP.

Besides receiving an amazing logo and brand services, every client of ours has exclusive access to content and information that is not available to the public. We give exceptional value to our clients above and beyond the scope of work we do for them. From additional resources to exclusive services we give our clients a service second to none. Why? Because we love our clients and want to see them continue to succeed. It is our purpose. Our being. Our brand.

See how good we are for yourself.

If you desire to build a legacy, we want to help.

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We educate and empower business owners.

Practise what you preach

I went to a networking event with a friend one fine evening. It was not bad. Ran into a bunch of people I knew and met some new faces. The event was kinda cool but fragmented in a way. The lay out for the stage and the sound was terrible. People were constantly...

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Olympic lessons for us non-athletes.

I thought it was interesting that the IOC allowed athletes to display larger logos on their gear. It was more apparent than Olympics of the past. This is both good and bad. Here’s why. I am a huge fan of the Olympics. The stories, the people and the camaraderie is an...

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Once they judge you, it’s harder to change their mind.

There you are networking at an exclusive event. All you see around you are potential clients. You are giddy with excitement at this gathering, new business flashes before your eyes. Then you are approached by a gentleman. He starts talking, asking you about your...

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