It’s not a logo, it’s your breakthrough.

Discover who you are.

When we design a logo for your brand, you discover who you are, what you do and why you do it. Everything about your company becomes clear.

Change happens.

The moment you lay eyes on your new logo design, a transformation occurs. It no longer is a logo, it’s a symbol of change.

It changes the way you feel & think about your company. It also changes those looking in.

Through the use of fundamental design, we are inspiring business owners (like you) to create future success.

Do you desire to breakthrough?

If you want to be unique and more confident. Have focus, clarity and a strong sense of direction. We can help. The first step is to contact us for an evaluation.

Become the industry leader, not a follower.

We are an exclusive company that does 2 things exceptionally well – logo designs and brand building.

When clients hire Wake Creative, they hire us to create their logo and develop their brand. We never work with new clients on projects that are complementary to their company after their logo and brand have been developed.

Why this approach?

Have you ever heard of the saying “jack of all trades and master of none?” The world is saturated with companies who will do everything for you – web design, logos, SEO, marketing, etc. We have no desire to be like everyone else. Our strengths are logo design and brand development, so why should we dilute our skills?


Perks of working with Wake Creative – Once you’re in, you are treated like a VIP.

Besides receiving an amazing logo and brand services, every client of ours has exclusive access to content and information that is not available to the public. We give exceptional value to our clients above and beyond the scope of work we do for them. From additional resources to exclusive services we give our clients a service second to none. Why? Because we love our clients and want to see them continue to succeed. It is our purpose. Our being. Our brand.

See how good we are for yourself.

We educate and empower business owners.

Exposing yourself while not getting arrested

Times are a lot different now. It’s so easy to gain exposure. Social media, networking, events, video, podcasts, etc. Every single channel is easy to infiltrate. But the problem is, most businesses don’t expose themselves to their target audience properly. I...

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Branding ideas from stupid sports

I use to be a heavy sports fan. I would spend my money on gear, tickets and channels. I would invest countless hours watching my teams on TV, while screaming at them in frustration or cheering loudly because they did something good. Then I realized something - sports...

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On behalf of the graphic design industry, I apologize

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about ROI and the results that graphic design gives my clients. During these hours of mulling over the intangibles & tangible results, I was thinking a lot about the industry. I began playing back memories I had;...

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